Diameter Signalling Controller

Diameter traffic is being driven by its use in 4G/VoLTE networks, IoT, autonomous vehicles and VoIP, with the market forecasted to grow at compound annual growth rate of 44.19% from 2017 to 2023. As a result, network operators are deploying Diameter Signalling Controllers.

What are they and how do they work? A Diameter Signalling Controller or DSC consists of 3 components. Any combination of these components can be deployed in a single or distributed architecture.

Diameter Routing Agent DRA

At the core of the DSC is the Diameter Routing Agent or DRA

The DRA centralises the routing of Diameter messages within a service providers IMS and LTE core. The Diameter Routing Agent acts as mediation platform within the network allowing complex routing and normalisation of messages across the Diameter network.

The DRA provides load balancing and throttling to insure the optimum management of the Diameter network. It allows advanced mediation polices to be configured that can filter, redirect and manipulate messages according to specific network requirements.

To connect from an operators home network to 3rd party packet networks, the DSC deploys advanced Diameter Edge Agents.

The DEA behaves as a Session Border Controller at the border of an NGN network providing: enhanced security via an onboard firewall, overload protection, and importantly the network topology hiding functionality.

This allows operators to identity 3rd party networks as trusted or non-trusted, with the DEA allowing the home network to hide its identity and topology details from untrusted networks. To connect packet networks to legacy 3G networks the DSC deploys the Interworking Function (IWF).

These are widely deployed in 4G/3G networks to enable roaming there the IWF converts the Diameter signalling to legacy SS7 MAP, CAMEL and USSD.

They are also being deployed to enable WiFi offload where the IWF provides Diameter to Radius inter-op.

The IWF allows Diameter to inter-op over a wide range of industry standards and protocols allowing interconnect with not only core network components, but also OSS and BSS components like Online Charging Systems, application servers and sophisticated routing engines. The Diameter Signalling Controller provides a core set of functions to enable the optimal running of Diameter only networks, whilst also insuring smooth integration with operators’ OSS/BSS equipment and inter-op with legacy networks.

Squire Technologies’ SVI-DSC product provides comprehensive Diameter signalling functionality. In addition. Its fully integrated Telephony Application Server (SV-TAS) allows operators to develop their own business logic and applications. The SVI-TAS sits on top of the SVI-DSC via a common set of API’s.

Some example applications we are developing with our clients today are USSD Gateways, Firewall Functionality and Fraud Prevention applications. The SVI-TAS provides our clients with the reassurance that any business driven requirements they have in the future can successfully be delivered with this flexible, dynamic product.

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