In this video we have described how the wireless commercial communication developed from Push to Talk system to 1G and then 1G to 4G and towards 5G.


For first generation we described AMPS(Advanced Mobile Phone system).

For 2nd Generation we discussed the introduction of SMS and development of data services through GPRS and EDGE.

For 3rd Generation we discussed the introduction of WCDMA in UMTS. We have also covered the key attributes of Release 4, release 5, Release6 and release 8 such as MIMO and QAM and the features of HSDPA, HSUPA and HSPA+. For 4G or LTE we have discussed the salient aspects that made it better from its predecessors.

We have also discussed some of the features that we may see in upcoming generation i.e 5G.

Other than these we have also discussed how individual organisations developed their own communication system and then came together to form ETSI.

We showed how the way we communicate evolved from Pre historic age to modern age.

We have also described how and why Regional Standard Development Organisations such as ARIB, ATIS, TTA, TTC and CCSA were encompassed to form 3GPP.

We have described briefly how 3GPP, 3GPP2 and IEEE works under ITU-R and roles of ITU-R.