Diameter Protocol Course

This video was part of an internal training session delivered to an IOT operator in Europe in 2015, by the head of engineering at Squire Technologies Ltd.

The purpose of these Diamater signalling training videos is to provide an overview of the concept of Diameter signalling for telecoms professionals. They will cover a little of the background to where Diameter signalling has come from in terms of addressing the limitations of Radius, as well as to serve the needs of IMS services and developing a new way of doing LTE, long term evolution of the network.

This first video provides a useful introduction to the Diameter protocol, explaining exactly how and why it came about and what it aimed to achieve as a triple AAA successor to Radius.

Diameter Base Protocol

It is ideal for not only seasoned telecoms engineers but also those wihtout an engineering background.

What is Diameter Signalling? | Why was it developed? | What did it replace?