Volte evolution ( Including CSFB , SMS over SGs Flows , VoLTE Flows )

VoLTE Evolution

We are going to see evolution of 2G , 3G networks to 4G LTE and further to VoLTE IMS . By End of this module , You will be able to get detailed understanding of

Evolution of Telephony

Difference between 2G / 3G –vs- 4G Non-VoLTE –vs- VoLTE Networks Services in Non-VoLTE 4G Vs VoLTE Networks The Problem with 4G (Non-VoLTE) Network ?

Voice Service Flow

Call in CS Core 2G / 3G Networks Call via CSFB where VoLTE is not available along with 4G Call in VoLTE where both 4G & VoLTE exists

SMS Service Flow

SMS in CS Network : Using 2G / 3G SMS over SGs : SMS transit via SGs Link between 4G & 2G/3G SMS in VoLTE : over 4G Network using IP SM GW

CS Network Integration with VoLTE Networks

Re-use CS Network for VoLTE SRVCC between 4G and 2G/3G Networks Break-out Call to PSTN , or Break-in Call from PSTN IMS to CS Network connectivity for General Purpose – OCS via ( CAMEL , Ro ), VAS Services ( Reuse CS ) , SMSC & USSD ( Reuse CS ) , TADS & Break-out to CS , Break-in Call from CS Core , Voice Mail , Short Codes , Toll Free , Emergency Call etc…

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